When women set their mind to something.

They can create magic.

Business Mates is one such platform for Networking of these Magical women.

"We have the power to grow together. Let's build each other up and expand our horizons together."
Nidhi Gupta & Aastha Kalra
Founders, Business mates delhi

Business Mates

A platform for women entrepreneurs who have the urge to succeed. The founders Nidhi Gupta and Aastha Kalra lead by example with regular guided motivation during the monthly meetings. The members thrive and expand their circle to get more business.
Having a strong online presence that promotes the members is an added benefit.

our goals

Aim for Success

What makes us different is our key to success. The sheer professionalism of the code of conduct is what sets us apart. In order to succeed, each member is given the equal opportunity to address the members and build their own relations.

Membership Category

The categories and subcategories are clearly listed with a restricted number of members in each to avoid conflict of interest and unnecessary competition within the group.


A close knit group of women who share, motivate and guide each other to grow individually and collectively.The functioning and the sharing of ideas is easily done in a group where members are limited.

Community builder

Business Mates is a community of entrepreneurs who will support and promote each other as part of the group and is included in the services provided by Business Mates.

Chapter FOUR -

New horizons to achieve as Business Mates is expanding! We are not confined to NCR, it is now Pan India. An invitation for new members – if you have a business/services let us grow together. Join hands and uplift each other all over India. 


Time to head over to and meet out esteemed members



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