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Women Achievers Award 2023 – A celebration of achievements

Women Achievers Award 2023

“We have the power to grow together. Let’s build each other up and expand our horizons together.”


An idea is born on 8th March 2019 and today we are happy and proud to say that we have reached the point where we give wings to your dreams. This is Business Mates Delhi and it is time to announce the Women Achievers Award 2023.

About Business Mates Delhi

We are a women only business networking group which focuses on growth and celebration. All year long we have various online and offline events to broaden our horizon and most important, achieve our goals. Did we mention celebration, yes, we do have contests where were acknowledge the achievers and honor them.

The 2023 chapter of Women Achievers Awards was as exciting as always where firstly members nominated their achievers and after a thorough brain storming here are the winners.

Mehak D Khanna – Alternative Healing & Life Coach

Mehak calls herself a spiritual human flowing with the flow layered with love. She has travelled all across the world! A mix of banking HR and education makes her live on the corporate side and a spiritual healer by choice on another side.

Her journey as a healer began with self love, turning her pain to power and holding a vision of transforming lives after her own awakening and transitioning her life.

She is the founder and owner of brand Samsara to Nirvana.

Roopa Gupta – Entrepreneur

Business Mates Delhi is both grateful and in awe of Roopa Gupta, being a founder member as well as starting her entrepreneurship journey along with Business Mates.

Last year she won the award for her journey from four products to four hundred! A journey that never been smooth. From a homemaker to an entrepreneur she had to learn everything on her own and build her brand brick by brick. Last year she faced personal issues on family front. But her regular clients refused to switch products and continued to place orders. With a lot of inspiration from Business Mates co-founder Aastha Kalra, one day she got up and decided that it is time to rise again like a phoenix. A success story begins when one comes out from the comfort zone.

Roopa Gupta is founder and owner of brand Roop Vedaa.

Swati Gupta – Online Home Utility Business

Having a supportive husband is important since a business family has some hesitation when women decide to become entrepreneurs. Swati is a graduate in management as well as commerce. But marriage put a full stop to all career options till she was introduced to Oriflame. Her foray into Business Mates also in her own words gave her wings to fly and make the switch to being an amazon reseller. It is in this field that she got so much recognition that she continued and made her career choice.

Swati uses her own name as brand, SwatiVarung.

Rashmi Goel – Certified Kitchen Expert

Selling comes easy to her, but behind that is a lifetime of hard work and tenacity. Rashmi is a Senior Manager and Kitchen Expert working with Tupperware India for the last 20 years. A mother of four children and post graduate in Maths from Delhi University, Rashmi had all the qualities pre-requisite for success. Beginning with coaching classes and running an art and craft center, she moved on to join Tupperware and things never looked back from there on. She has great convincing skills selling high value products. Her USP is that she never gets annoyed whether customers buy her products or not. Her mission is to keep trying with passion and dedication.

Rashmi Goel sells under her own name as brand name.

Simran Kalra – Makeup Artist

Simran is in the vibrant tapestry of her life – homemaker, mother, wife, daughter in law and make-up artist. Keeping her dreams aside she got married at the age of 22 right into familial bliss. Yet there persisted a lingering sense of incompleteness. Almost 20 years down the line she enrols in an academy to learn the fine art of beautician. She begins with home services to build up a steady network of satisfied clients.

She has come to realise that if a woman has ambition and is sufficiently determined and gifted, there is nothing she can’t achieve.

Simran performs her artistry under her own name as a brand.

Shree Dembla – Angelic healer, Psychic coach and Author

Shree was born in an orthodox family where women were not supposed to study beyond schooling and where doing graduation meant doing it through correspondence. She however had her way not only completing her graduation but also a post graduation from Wigan & Leigh UK on scholarship. At the age of 21 she started her own financial consultancy.

People assume that if a woman is financially independent and successful in her career means that she has either a failed marriage or she has made many sacrifices. Shree however decides to break the mould and has enrolled every person in her life which includes all members of her family. Her constant endeavour is to turn all her apparent weakness into strengths. She is committed to holistic transformation in all 10 dimensions for her clients and students. Her mission is to empower one million women to live a fulfilling and phenomenal life.

Shree works under her own brand name.

Mehul Gupta – Chef and Cloud Kitchen founder

Her culinary venture was born amidst the unprecedented circumstances of Covid pandemic. What began as a specific mission to cater for the needs of senior citizen overtime expanded to serve a diverse clientele spanning various age groups, offering a wide array of culinary delights ranging from appetisers to desserts. Her passion for cooking adeptly satisfies the craving of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Despite the formidable challenges like setting up the kitchen space, selecting marketing strategies, acquire funding and so on she has navigated through them all setting up a brand which a living testimonial of the human spirit.

Mehul is the owner and founder of brand Chammuch. Her other identity is under the Insta handle Chopping Kudi.

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