What is the difference between Business Mates Regular and Business Mates Connect?

What’s the difference between regular groups and *BMC* (*Business Mates connect) *
– we are here to make the best of  *networking*. 
– We are here to give Business to another. *Pure give & take.*
– we are here to bring *Business* to one another as a whole.
-we are here to *grow hand in hand. *

_Therefore let’s abide by the concept._

– try to refer one another
– try to give Business to one another.
– try to promote one another


Monday – only introductions, repetition will help you remember one another.
Tuesday – feedbacks. Share your experiences and feedback so that people can trust you better.
Wednesday – pics of your products So that we can know each other’s products better.
Thursday – links of your social media pages. Make sure we all follow one another.
Friday – thank you if any business or reference given to motivate one another. No matter you got Business or not, we all should be grateful for the efforts. 
Saturday & Sunday free day

– one post a day by each person. 
– respect one another. 
– Mention thankyou for business received from the group.

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