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Business Mates welcomes Guest of Honour Tanvee Tutlani for our Annual Mega Event

Tanvee Tutlani

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce our distinguished guest of honor, Tanvee Tutlani. Renowned as a trailblazing nutritionist and dietitian, Tanvee has not only earned accolades from Times as one of the top 40 under 40 leaders but has also been featured in Forbes for her outstanding contributions to the field. Join me in welcoming this accomplished professional whose expertise is truly making a significant impact on health and well-being.”

– Business Mates Announcement

Our 2024 edition of Business Mates Annual Mega Event will feature Ms Tanvee Tutlani as the Guest of Honour. We shall be coming together for our networking extravaganza on 6th Jan 2024.

About Tanvee Tutlani

At a very young age, Tanvee has achieved what other people can only dream of. As a certified dietician & nutritionist she focuses only on weight loss diets which is the need of the hour for most people today. Her forays into corporate health have helped many achieve the optimal level of health and alertness required at the stressed workplace of today.

Tanvee has leveraged the power and reach of social media to create a community of health aware people who follow her diet tips with great enthusiasm and love.

BM Annual Mega Event

On 6th Jan 2024, all roads lead to Local Heights, Punjabi Bagh for our grand finale. This four hour program is jam packed with fun and activities.

Our Annual Event is open for BM Members as well as non members. It gives you all a chance to get a glimpse into how Business Mates has evolved into a women only business networking group with a Pan India presence.

It is also time to reward our star performers in various categories followed by exhibition by members.

Finally after all the hard work we then move to fun and dance with live music followed by lunch.

We promise you that this day will help you grow as a person as well as your network too!

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