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There is no such thing as HD makeup – Difference between normal and HD


HD makeup or high definition makeup sounds good in a conversation. It has a nice ring to it. The word originated in the TV studios where news readers used light makeup which was enough for the old TV cameras. But when the high definition cameras came, the regular makeup was not enough. With large screen TVs in our homes we can see the face of news anchor up close.

Makeup is not HD, it is the camera

A normal camera in the good old days along with the TV many years back was SD or standard definition. To understand what this is all about, let us get a bit technical.

TV screen is rectangular with width and height measured in pixels or dots. So the older TV was 480 pixels in height and 720 pixels in width. That makes is 480p, which is the correct technical name. For a long time 480p was the standard because all TV signals were analog. The next jump was when digital era came.

720p is HD ready or Standard HD. It is the basic form of High Definition. 1080p is full HD. All TV broadcasts today are 1080p. Most of the internet and streaming is at this resolution. The next jump is 4K but it is not yet fully ready.

2160p is called 4K. It is also called UHD or Ultra HD.

It is the makeup that has to be perfect, not to worry about the camera

A bridal makeup was always for the guests of the wedding. The cameras came later. But yes, today we have 4K cameras in every persons hand. Top makeup brands do not have any HD product in their lineup. We are talking about brands like Forever52, Viseart or Luminous Silk by Armani. The products are going to remain the same, it is the technique which changes, whether you want a party makeup or bridal. It is important for every makeup artist to learn the basics of techniques.

Business Mates Category – MUA

One of the category of Business Mates Group is Makeup Artist.

This article has been written with inputs from Sakshi Gogna.

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