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The power of networking


Network is an interconnected group of people or things. For eg a computer network is a group of computers connected with each other to share information and resources. A network cannot exist without connections. If we trace the history of networks, it began with trade and economy. During the industrial revolution it was physical networking by meeting people across the table and shaking hands. Now it is the digital age, online as well as offline connections.

Business Network & Social Network

Even though a social network is made for socialising and entertainment, it is similar in many ways to a business network. Both networks build connections for mutual benefits. Business networks conduct activities and events to grow connections. These connections are build for mutual benefits connected with business growth. Each member brings in his or her contacts and the network grows. Today online connections help expand our reach. But at the end of the day both networks rely on physical and human connections. The benefit of a business network is that in addition to business connections they can conduct social activities too.

Can a women only network run successfully?

Women are natural at networking. Today the gender boundaries in business are going away. Women are breaking the glass ceiling everywhere. No longer women are confined to homes or secured professions. Women are also good at making connections. Mutual benefit comes natural to them. One proof of this is the successfully running Business Mates Delhi. We have a vibrant category based networking groups solely for women entrepreneurs. The success of our group is for the world to see.

What Business Mates Delhi has to offer?

  • One of its kind ‘Women Only’ business networking group
  • Category based entry for maximum benefit among members
  • Strong online presence in form of website, google maps and social media
  • Organic lead generation for members
  • Referrals and enquiries
  • Guest lectures and training by professionals
  • Mentorship and training for all
  • Discussion of business ideas and trends
  • Trust and transparency
  • Sale events and exhibitions
business mates
business mates delhi

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