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Kitchen Savoury by Meenakshi

kitchen savoury

Today we shall look closely at the business venture of one of our oldest members, Meenakshi Bansal, part of Business Mates Delhi since, Aug 2019. She is a home maker and manages the brand Kitchen Savoury which deals in dry fruits and spices. Sounds familiar, yes. Lets look into more detail.

Her life story by her words

Both on my father’s side and on my in-laws’ side, I’ve always seen good quality spices. As I’ve grown up, and I’ve visited other people’s houses, I’ve observed the kind of bad qualities that people have been using. Spices have their own nutritional values, and the people who have the capability to buy them aren’t really getting the quality, or the nutrition. Since, I’ve had the knowledge and resources, I have felt that spices in Indian food have such an amazing essence to the very originality of food in terms of aroma, taste, and nutrition that I thought I should work in the field. To reach out to the people, and to provide them with the best. That’s my journey of choosing spices.

Large array of products

The world of spices is complex itself, but Kitchen Savoury is now catering for more items with that same mission of good and handpicked stuff. They have Soaps, Herbs, Pur oils, dehydrated fruits and much more. For any more information, head out to her social media accounts


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Savoury by Meenakshi”

  1. Thank you for helping my story to reach out on such a fantastic platform. They say, its the essence and intention that makes a difference in whatever you do. And maybe my story would help people understand my dedication. Thank you, business mates. And thank you, Nidhi ma’am, Aastha ma’am and my fellow mates for helping me reach at this stage.

  2. Chia seeds is an amazing product with good nutritional value.Also I lik ur til n good ladoos.Thanks for making these wonderful things which r tasty as well as healthy

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