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Kitchen Savoury by Meenakshi Bansal

kitchen savoury

My name is Meenakshi Bansal. I have done my graduation in Bachelors of Commerce from Delhi University. My husband has been dealing in organic dry fruits, herbs and spices since almost 4 decades. Over these years, I have learnt the difference between organic, good quality and polished, bad quality. Around me, the kind of problems that people are going through because of adulterated, bad quality things aches my heart for them. I have earned the knowledge and I want to be able to reach out to as many people and give them the best quality organic herbs, unpolished dry fruit and herbs. I believe health is the biggest investment and our body is a temple, it should not be treated like a dustbin.

Benefits of Asafoetida (hing)

Current lifestyle, devoid of much movement and physical work, leads to digestive problems easily. Asafoetida (hing) is a natural armour of preventing and curing such digestive issues easily. It flushes out the toxins from the human digestive tract. It is a natural foe to such toxins that slow down the process of digestion in humans. Thus, it helps in easing the process of proper digestion by restoring the normal PH level of the stomach. It is also widely savoured in sabzis, not only does it enhance the taste and smell of food but also makes it healthier and easier to digest. It successfully offers freedom from the most common problem of improper digestion i.e. constipation.

kitchen savoury by meenakshi

Dehydrated Fresh Kiwi

Dehydrated kiwi is fresh, tasty and healthy. It is low in fat and has moderately less calories. It provides healthy minerals and fibres and can be stored for long! It has Vitamin C, K, E, folate and potassium. It works on your body and leaves behind a glowing skin.

dehydrated kiwi fruit

Watch this space for more of my products from Kitchen Savoury.

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