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How do entrepreneurs handle negative criticism

negative criticism

Our primitive brain is wired in such a way that a negative comment or remark is processed instantly. Origins of such behavior can be traced to the times when we were cave persons. Surrounded by dangers and threats, we taught our mind to react to negative stimuli. Appreciation makes us happy, but is too much of praise dangerous.

Neuroticism and entrepreneurship

Scientists love to study neurotic behavior and brain activity using MRI scans. What they have consistently found out that people having high neurotic tendencies can easily slip into depression. Surprising part of the results however is the fact that entrepreneurs when confronted with negative inputs get active with emotional processing and social cognition. Meaning they start understanding the person as to what is the comment and how it is useful for improvement. Entrepreneurs are those who can recognize and handle a negative criticism with grace and elan.

How the brain confuses between destructive and constructive criticism

Destructive criticism is designed to hurt your confidence and self respect. But your brain can fool easily because it will come sugarcoated, especially from friends and relatives. On the other hand, because constructive criticism comes from strangers, it cannot be given gently. Positivity is like intoxication, it makes your body and mind feel good but it has its own set of problems relating to addiction like drugs or alcohol.

Steps followed by entrepreneurs

  • After receiving a negative comment, wait on the response. If it is on Email or social media, wait for an hour to two before you frame your response.
  • Accept the fact that you might be wrong. Understand the persons perspective. Put yourself in the persons place and then analyse actions.
  • Respond with an intention to flaunt your class. This the beginning steps of taking a positive stride out of criticism.
  • Start with yoga and meditation in morning and finish your day off with a diary page with your own handwriting.

Praise or positive comment is pretty useless

Appreciation makes an entrepreneur complacent. Praising tricks your brain into thinking that “All is well”. This is also the reason why entrepreneurs or career persons are cut off from their family and social circle. It is the law of nature that everything comes in equal quantity and balance. Your day is going to have an equal measure of positivity and negativity. So start your day and take head on all the negativity you can in the first half so that rest of the day only good things will come your way.

negative criticism
Nature balances

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