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Direct Marketing Tips from Business Mates Delhi members – Swati

direct marketing

Swati is a new entrant to direct marketing. She has chosen Business Mates Delhi as her group to learn the art of selling. Attends all training sessions and interacts with other members on a regular basis. She believes that learning from other members and taking inspiration from their stories will help her understand direct marketing. Here is her take on this business category.

Offers attracts everyone

As I was observing customers and other sellers I realised that offers hold sway everywhere. You see newspapers, TV ads, social media, offers are everywhere. First comes the seasonal sales like Diwali sale, Independence Day sale, Christmas sale and so on. These are the all popular festive offers. Then comes the deep discounts. Catchy words like clearance sale, flat 40% off and so on. Even discounts like 10% are attractive enough.

Cash back is the buzz word

Cash backs were brought in by mobile recharge and digital payments apps. Banks and credit card companies ruled them out as publicity gimmicks. Today each and every company is offering cash backs.

One of the challenges for a direct seller is how to offer cash back to customers. I have to come up with some idea to implement this.


A good direct selling program like oriflame incorporates these in their programs. Such programs keep their sellers interested through gifts and targets. Some direct sellers send gifts regularly to their customers. Other pass on the discounts offered to them directly to their customers.

So these are my three things which I have zoomed on to follow for now. Maybe in the future I might tinker a bit here and there but offers and gifts will be the mainstay of my selling strategy.

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