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Detox v/s supplements : What will you choose – Tejjal


Toxins are the root cause of all problems in your body. But how do we get rid of toxins. Where are they hidden inside the body. How to flush them out. All these questions do not have simple answers. Because each body is different. They way we digest our food, absorb nutrients and store fat is unique to us. But the common factor for everyone of us is toxins.

Taking care of the liver

Liver is the primary filtration system of the body. It performs the important function of metabolisation of nutrients and cleaning the blood. Alcohol causes the most damage to the liver. When you consume too much of alcohol, the liver has to work harder to cleanse it out of the body. Getting rid of a few rounds of drinks from your body might take weeks.

Taking care of your liver involves not eating or reducing the wrong type of food. Sugar and added sugar foods are the main culprits which make the liver work hard. Too much of coffee can also cause harm. Fried food and fast food contain fat, sugar and salt.


The buzz word on social media is about detoxification. It involves a solid or liquid diet or juices or even fasting for few days.

Detox diets cut down on processed foods, solid fats and sugar. That is why in the first few weeks the body start feeling lighter and better. They even cut down on dairy and gluten.

But the cutting down on certain food will take a toll on your body in one way or the other. It might affect the functioning of organs in the long run. Most important however is all these detox diets are untested and so many information is misleading.

Supplements as saviours

We are living in modern times where we are not able to intake a balanced diet everyday. Irregular or no exercise at all, lack of sleep and fashionable crash diets lead to lack of nutrition to important organs of the body.

The most common reaction to gaining weight is eating less. This is more to do with anxiety and stress rather than any scientific reasoning by our mind. Eating less might actually increase your weight and add a few digestive problems to your system too.

Supplements on the other hand are something different. Firstly let us make things clear here. Supplements is not just the protein powder which is used by body builders working out in gyms. A dietary supplement comes in the form of pill or powder or even liquid. It is extracted from plants or is synthetically made. In some cases for example omega-3 which is extracted from fish. Supplements provide us with nutrients essential to body like proteins, vitamins, fibre, minerals, etc.


I keep repeating this to all clients. Eat whatever you want. That is because I am confident that once the benefits of my supplements kick in the food cravings will all go away. You will feel lighter and healthier, full of energy for the day. A good sound sleep at night and you will wake up fresh in the morning. You will not feel lethargic and lack of energy during daytime. As you health improves, so will your confidence and happiness.

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