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Dazzle by Sakshi Gogna My Story … My Inspiration


I am a Wife, a Mother and a Certified Freelance Make Up Artist.

I did my schooling from BBPS, Rohini, New Delhi and my graduation from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce. I got married in the year 2011. Make up was not in much trend at that time. But in 2014, it took a boom and since then I have been getting inspiration from a lot of makeup artists around.

When I was a child, I always liked putting on my mom’s make up, loved playing silly games which somehow includes doing makeup. I used to give funny and real bad makeup looks to my cousins using my mom’s make up.

I always used to help my mom and friends in getting ready for their special occasions. However I never thought about it as a career option. After I got married, I rediscovered my love for makeup when i used to do makeovers for my friends and family members and used to teach basics of make up to my friends also.

So this is how I gave a thought about making this as my profession and I started with my page by the name DAZZLE by SAKSHI GOGNA. I started uploading pictures and videos of my work and all the love and appreciation helps me growing and motivating.


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