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Business Mates Training – Effective communication by Gunpreet Kaur

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effective communication

We all know the importance of effective communication. We as women might be good at communicating. But are we able to drive home the point. So this August Business Meet up we invited Gunpreet Kaur who conducted a training session for our members.

Business Meet up for August

Business Mates Delhi monthly meet was scheduled for 9th Aug. Members started arriving at our venue by 10:30 am and we began sharp at 11. First we asked new members and visitors to briefly introduce themselves. Visitors are always welcome in all Business Mates meetings. It helps us to grow our tribe and it is always good to see new faces. For the August meet, Tejal and Arvinder brought one guest each.

New members finished their introduction by 12 pm.

Training session by Gunpreet Kaur – Effective communication

Gunpreet is business strategist who has conducted hundreds of training sessions and helped develop strategies for many brands. That is what she introduces herself as. She is more of a life coach but not for a person but for brands. She first explained how to make a strategy for your brand or business. Later she explained how important it is to convey the right message to your clients. The training session for followed up by a Q & A.

Nidhi Gupta, Founder of Business Mates Delhi asked her that because of the lockdown we have moved from meeting people face to face to phone calls. We do not come to know how the person will react on telephone. She is able to convert around 50% of her leads. Is there any thing that can be done about the remaining leads which have not converted. For this question Gunpreet replied that here she can train and motivate her team which attends the phone call. The team also has to be rewarded if leads are converted.

Next question was asked by Sunaina who is into a saree business. She wanted to know how to promote her sarees in family functions and events. Gunpreet asked her about the brand and business model. Then she replied that this is exactly what we all do. Whenever we meet our friends or we go to a family function we start talking about our business. Most of the time we tend to crib about problems to friends and relatives. But all the time we are only asking for clients from them. We don’t realise that these people who are in are life are for permanence. Gunpreet added that she has lost many friends because of this. One time she recollected how a close friend gave her a shut up call that what you are doing is not right. Once she was also told about this by her mentor that we should not depend on friends and relatives for getting business. Any person who is connected with you will get to know about your brand and products but first aim to have a healthy relationship with a person.

She further added that business and popularity will grow word by mouth. But it is important to connect with a person and connect for life. Clients will come and go but connections are permanent. You don’t even have to advertise your product. Just put the idea in that person’s subconscious mind. She might not wear a saree but she would be knowing many other women who do. For example you meet a guy and exchange your phone numbers. When this person sees your WhatsApp status, he or she will also see your product. That is all, your aim is achieved.

Next question was asked by Aastha Kalra, co-founder of Business Mates Delhi who said that we have some members who do gossiping and complaining about this group. What to do about them? For that Gunpreet replied that you cannot impress all the people 100%. If you believe that you are doing the right thing to your satisfaction why bother about the minority opinion. Keep doing your good work.

We also have a doctor in the group, Yukti who asked a question that she has a nursing staff who does the work like giving injections and other routine stuff. Many of her patients insist that instead of the nurse, it is the doctor who should administer the injection. She asked Gunpreet what to do in such a situation. Gunpreet replied that here effective communication comes into play. You have to praise your staff in front of your patients. You have to explain how your staff has better expertise and experience to handle injections. At the same time you keep your staff motivated for the job so that they are at their best.

Gift diplomacy & effective communication

Towards the end of the training session, Gunpreet was given a gift as a token of appreciation of her time and effort. She also mentioned that whenever she goes to meet someone for the first time, she makes it a point to carry some gift along as a gesture.

After that we gave time for members to interact with each other informally.

Mini Exhibition at the end

Our monthly meets are always interesting but the best part is the mini exhibition in the end. This is the time for members to interact and check out the items on sale by fellow members.

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