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Business Mates Meetup Feb 2022

business mates meetup

Feb 2022 Meetup was focussed on two activities, profile building and presence of mind and quick response of entrepreneurs. Let us understand how these are important for brand owners and entrepreneurs.

Profile Building

You have a brand idea and what business you want start with. Working hard ranging from a few weeks to months, you get your products ready. Now it is time for the most difficult and challenging thing to do, announce yourself to the world. What you do next is called Profile Building.

Profile Building is a process in which you build up your business persona. It is a second person which you present to the world and to customers. How will you introduce yourself? What will be your initial response to a query? How will be build connections? If it is online image, how will you build it?

This was the first activity of the meet where members discussed how profile building helped them in their business. A detailed class was conducted by Shruti.

Presence of mind and quick response of entrepreneurs

We all know a few people whom we say have the gift of the gab. Even seen top lawyers argue in court or debaters countering each other. Sharp minds and quick thinking. That is one quality that we all as entrepreneurs crave. The second activity was practicing how to reply to clients. Customer queries form an important part of business development. Right answers help save time and speed up the decisions of customers.

business mates meetup

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