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Business Mates Activity – Choosing Networker of the Year

networker of the year

It is a standard practise in Business Mates Delhi where we hold a contest/voting to select the Networker of the Year. The activity was conducted on 22 Aug at Likhavat Academy. Six standard questions are asked to members who were present for the voting. Others send their responses through PM to the founder. Results will be announced on the day of Gala Lunch Meet on 10th Sept.

What is the activity of Networker of the Year

We always encourage our members to improve networking skills. That means reaching out to other members and connecting with them. It is always a give and take relationship. Connection that benefits both and helps to grow our network. Members do put in their best for taking maximum benefit out of the Business Mates platform. Every year we look for a clear winner among our members to earn the title of Networker of the Year. This competition has been won last two times by Tejal Bhanshali. Will she take the crown this year too? Or will there be a worthy challenger as there is every time. Results will be declassified on 10th Sept, the day of the Gala Lunch Meet.

Networker of the Year is the woman who actively participates in activities and events and one who makes most connections. But there are a few more specific questions which were posed to the members as under.

  • Who do you think deserves to be the Networker of the Year?
  • According to you who has the best social media presence?
  • According to you who has good knowledge about product/ service?
  • Who according to you have built strong relationships?
  • Who according to you has got the maximum business?

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