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Business Mates 1st Anniversary and Women’s Day celebration

Business Mates 1st Anniversary

Business Mates Delhi is proud to announce our 1st Anniversary celebrations. One year back we embarked upon a journey into the unknown with tentative but confident steps. Today we have three operational groups and 40 plus members. To get a peep into our activities and how we achieved success, we have organised a program where guests and members will be able to interact with each other on 19th March 2010. Be there to have the time of your life.

What happened in last one year

We all are familiar with the concept of business networking group. We aimed at having a women only business networking group which has not worked in the past. With this historic fact weighing down upon us we formed our first group a year back on Women’s Day. Midway we had to disband the group and then relaunch it with more activities and professional approach.

What we aim at

  • Monthly meets to put ideas on table
  • Category wise members to avoid inter group conflicts
  • Reference based business generation
  • Feedback and constructive criticism
  • Strong online presence and wider reach
  • Comprehensive social media coverage
  • Personal skill development
  • Lectures and training sessions by industry experts

About the guest speaker – Roshni Baronia

Roshni Baronia is an expert on the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai. It combines passion, purpose, profession and mission in your life as an entrepreneur to direct you towards your goal of success.

For Rs 650 you have three hours of fun, snacks and lunch included. We have scores of activities planned. Interested to join us. Please drop us a message on

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