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Benefits of using a facial toner

facial toner

The very mention of toner bring the best of cringe facial expression. It reminds of that skin biting feeling of alcohol touching your skin. Using a toner has numerous benefits. And it plays an important role in skin care.

What is a facial toner

Let us think of a facial toner being similar to an after shave used by men. Before shaving, to open the pores and smoothen the hair, warm water is used. Once shaving is done, after shave is applied. This hastens the process of pore closing. It forms a protective layer which prevents the ingress of dirt and other particles inside the skin. After shave also helps in healing cuts and prevents in-growth of facial hair.

A facial toner works in a similar manner. But in case of skin care for women, a toner can work in several ways.

Testing and usage

Be sure to check you skin type and select a toner. Dry and sensitive skin type should be specially careful. Apply toner to your skin with a cotton ball. Toner is a skin care and skin nourishing product. It can be used after cleaning and before applying of serum and moisturizer. After applying, the skin can be gently massaged for a few seconds.

Variety of uses of a toner

As a cleanser – Facial toner cleans the skin of dust and other impurities. You can use a toner to clean the face, neck and shoulder area. Once you are back from outside, you can use a facial toner.
As a quick refresher – While on the move, you can apply toner to refresh your skin. It will make you feel fresh and your skin will tighten up.
To cool down your skin – There is no better use of a toner than to cool your skin on a hot day. And on the go, this is your best travel companion.
To fight pollution – Smog particles attach to skin because of pollution in city. On the outside, toner will form a barrier to your skin. Inside the toner will keep your skin moist.

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