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5 Business ideas that do not need any investment

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Most Business ideas halt at the one crucial question, finance. During the industrial age, people had to open offices and factories and travel for work. But today we are in the networked age. Outsourcing is the mantra for jobs and businesses. Here are five business ideas which you can cash on with just a smart phone and laptop.

Coaching & Activity Classes

Either you can go for regular subjects tutions or activity classes. Art & Craft is another category. Handwriting Improvement, Calligraphy, Decoupage, Chess, Abacus, Vedic Maths, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, the list is endless. Many activities like dance classes need dedicated infrastructure. But classes is such a venture that you can begin at any place. Basic certification is for life. Once qualified, you can put your skills to use. You can start at home or collaborate with anyone who has the space. Kids these days want to learn just about anything. And with parents almost at stage of desperation as to how to take the kids away from the smart phone, this is a proposition always in demand.

Cooking & Baking Classes

Every house has a kitchen and cooking shows are every popular on television. Did you know that on an average, 70% of time spend by women online is for cooking related stuff. Doesn’t matter the tons of stuff online, there is no substitute for the good old classes. Baking classes are always for adults only. But special cooking session for kids are always a hit. On the side lines you can take up orders for special stuff like cakes and breads. Go for the premium variety and score with your audience. Did you know that cooking has therapeutic effects on everyone. Plus that is a sure-shot way to impress the menfolk! Don’t forget the chocolates.

Customer Care for the small business and entrepreneurs

Small business or single person business usually see a meteoric rise during the initial phase. Part of the reason is that the entrepreneur is able to connect with customers and understand their needs while delivering the product. But after a stage, linking up with each of your customer is not possible. Otherwise you will not get enough time for business development. No big company takes on advertising and delivery network. Even customer care is outsourced and so is after sales service. Your business opportunity is taking over customer care.

Calling up customers, maintaining a data base of past and present customers. Follow up and repeat orders is sure shot business. All this business which you bring in can earn you percentages. This kind of business needs just a smartphone. Email Marketing and phone calls will see you through. Sometimes you may have to do site visits. But mostly it is work from home.

As an offshoot of this idea, you can consider hiring motorbike based delivery service. You can enroll a few people owning a two wheeler and pay them per trip basis. The entire operation can be coordinated on mobile phone. You can make an app for seamless tracking of trips and delivery including live tracking movements of delivery people. Many entrepreneurs do face this problem of delivery of their finished products.

Digital marketing and online agency

The problem with digital marketing and website design is that there are either too many free lancers or too many compartmentalized agencies. So a website designer will only design websites. For help on Facebook you will have to go to another agency or person. Then for all this you need a content curator and for that you need to go to another person who calls themselves content writers. But you have another problem now. Content writers are not technical people so you are back to square one. I have hunted the market and not found even a single person or agency that can handle all such tasks together. This is a business idea which is in great demand.

From an entrepreneurs POV, the following steps need to be done. First you can create a strong online presence by opening social media accounts. The best winning combo is Facebook Page connected with an Instagram Business Account. This is followed by opening an account with Google My Business which enables you to take ownership of your business on Google Maps. Yes yes, I know any youngster these days knows how to open a Facebook Page. Maybe your friend will do it for free. But believe me. Most of them are horror shows. I was once shown a Facebook profile made by so called friend which was being passed off as a Facebook page. This can be followed up by a website and creation of accounts in a few online directories. Once all such accounts are in place you can begin with either caretaking of these accounts or creating and promoting content.

Most single person business are tight on finances and they are looking for a person who can manage all online activities till such time that they can hire a professional agency. So right now this is a good business opportunity!

Content writing and curation

Many would be surprised with the choice as writing as a way to earn money. On one hand we have authors who write maybe three or four novels in their lifetime. That is not a business opportunity. With that exception virtually anything else is the greatest business idea. You are actually now a presenter of facts to the general public. World is your audience and social media is the vessel. I believe anyone can write, speak and present. Once you get an idea of what to speak, then on its smooth sailing. This is the world of influencers.

My advise her is just dont stick to writing. An article needs research of keywords. Basic knowledge of trends and SEO is essential for a writer today. Posting it on social media and web platforms is also essential to a writer. If a writer is able to push to the final part of reaching out to a loyal audience, there is no sweeter deal for people and companies who want to hire you. You should gain that level of expertise that you are able to advise your client on what strategy they have to adopt.

Influencers are content curators. Many of them are awesome writers and basically all of them are excellent presenters. But the one common thread in all of them is their unending quest for knowledge. They are like sponges who soak up information around them and then bring it out in their writings.

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