Your Dream Networking Group is Here

The Power of Networking

We the Founders of the group Nidhi Gupta and Aastha Kalra believe in the power of networking therefore we have created this platform just for women where we give the opportunity to connect, build relations and generate business for one another.

Networking is an essential part of building wealth. It is a fast and effective way to build your business. A strong networking platform will set you apart from the competition. 

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How will your business grow with us

  • Monthly meets – to get ideas on table
  • Exclusive category wise members
  • Reference based business generation
  • Feedback & Constructive Critisism
  • Strong online presence and wider reach
  • Comprehensive Social media coverage
  • Informal exchange of ideas
  • Frequent updates on business generated in group
  • Personal skill enhancement by eminent business women
  • Training sessions with qualified persons

Why are we different

Women are multi-taskers and blessed with networking skills. Scientific studies suggest the presence of oestrogen hormone which enables women to handle multiple tasks. We believe that a woman can transform to an entrepreneur with ease. Women 

  • have Patience
  • are listening
  • have a sharp mind
  • are practical in approach
  • are more social than men
  • refer each other 
  • Gossip well !!!
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The Best Experience Ever

Savour Your Experience

We perform

Facts & Figures

Total Members benefited
Total Group Business in Lakh
Total Meetup Time in hours
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